GATZ-SPRAYCOVER - A unique accessory

Gatz-typical spraycover. Spraydeck profiles are fitted as standard to all composite canoes and can be fitted on polyethylene canoes as an optional extra. Spraycovers protect the paddlers from wind, rain and rough water. You will enjoy paddling in the cold season with a spraydeck and you don’t have to empty water out. Spraycovers are watertight and make canoes easy to roll. As they keep water out the canoe stays maneuverable in any situation. The perfect fitting GATZ-Spraydecks are available in a wide range of good matching colours. Spraydecks add to the beauty and performance of your canoe. Even wind is less attracted as it misses a complete inside wall of the canoe.

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  • Made by hand in our workshops in Cologne

  • Pre-impregnated, heavy duty cotton/polyester canvas.

  • Special custom profiles for the hatches.

  • Brass eyes with rope fastening system for many models or heavy duty hook and loop velcro for other models result in excellent watertight fit

  • Comfortable Gatz-Spraydeck for attachment to a special profile for a good fit. Made from PVC-fabric, with skin friendly inside, sewn and welded to be 100% waterproof.

  • Hole covers to close spray cover holes when not being used such as during transport. Made from canvas or PVC fabric.

  • Bolts to secure the fit on both ends.

  • Spraycovers seal your canoe against cold and water and can help to provide more comfort when paddling in rain, winter and tough conditions

  • Easy and fast to assemble whenever needed

  • Keeps waves out

  • Paddlers remain warm and dry without being affected by wind-chill.

  • The wind can only affect the outer sides of the canoe. A spraycover provides better aerodynamics on roofracks as well as when going on a bush plane

  • Individual design and prooven in hard functional tests.

  • Bags and valuables are kept out of view.

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