The Materials - The main reason for the long life and value of Gatz-Canoes

Quality made in Germany - discover the difference.

During its life, a canoe has to withstand many different forces. It needs to be your reliable partner on both placid and wild waters. Abrasion and impact resistance is a ´must` for all occasions and it must be lightweight enough to be carried easily but also tough enough to support many times its own weight. Most Gatz-Canoes will never be tested to their ultimate limit but it is good to know that you can rely on your Gatz-Canoe even when you are far away from civilization. This reliability is determined by the highest quality materials which are used by our experienced craftsmen to produce exceptional canoes. Gatz uses all important production processes and materials for canoes.


Composite canoes can be designed in almost any shape and are very durable. All composite canes are made by applying special resins to a hand lay-up of different fabrics, fibres and materials to provide stiffness. Good composite canoes are extremely durable, rigid and stiff and can last for decades. Composites have the best abrasion resistance. Their advantage is that weight can be controlled by placing reinforcements only where they are needed. Gatz is one of the boat builders with the longest continuous experience in using composites. Our best recommendation is the number of canoes built over the last 45 years which are still in use. We feature 3 composite lay-ups, different in price, rigidity and weight. All can be made in the unique Gatz-Colours.

  • FRP/KEVLAR-CARBON reinforced
    Our standard material with the optimum durability and rigidity to weight ratios in relation to its price. Reinforcements of Kevlar and Carbon, carefully placed, improve the properties of fibreglass whilst reducing its weight. Our Kevlar/Carbon reinforced canoes are the best choice for general purpose craft used from lake touring to easy wild water. Distinctive quality mark is the visible Kevlar/Carbon inside layer (n.a. in Teamcanoes/Outrigger) .
    The use, mainly of these high-tech. fabrics, safe more than 20% of the canoe´s weight as compared to our standard construction. Special resins are used to give one of the best possible stiffness to weight ratios.
    The lightest weight choice available in a Gatz-Canoe. Up to 40% weight savings makes even long portages easy to handle. The increased amount of very attractive carbon-fibres provide excellent stiffness and resistance to breakage, yet to preserve their value, we do not recommend their use in the wildest of waters. This construction features transparent Gelcoat to ensure the visibility of the HighTec carbon structure with it distinctive anthrazithe look.Compostie standard colours are at your choice but please keep in mind that the weight increase for these colours is 1-2 kg,


Gatz-Polyethylene canoes are made on one of the most advanced rotational moulding machines in Europe. All canoes are made from ultra-violet stabilised linear 3 layer sandwich polyethylene. It features an inside and outer layer of linear polyethylene which encloses a layer of expanded polyethylene foam. This special lay-up provides the best possible stiffness to weight ratio for polyethylene canoes and requires no further reinforcement. During the production process, a closed mould, in a giant oven rotates, in all three dimensions whilst the wall thickness of the hull is controlled by a computer. Our linear polyethylene is environmentally friendly because it is recyclable and can be repaired if necessary. Polyethylene canoes are available in 4 mixed colours introduced by Gatz. Our PE-canoes are almost indestructible and they are the best choice for extreme use, rental, and groups. They are good value for money but they are heavier than reinforced composite materials. Gatz-PE-Canoes do not need additional reinforcementsbrauchen and are unsinable.


A special tough lay-up of Uniroyal´s Royalex, an a.b.s. thermoplastic, is vacuum-formed on one of the best equipped thermoforming machines in the industry. Gatz is the first company on the European mainland to manufacture canoes from Royalex. Gatz-Royal canoes have very high impact strength and resistance to breakage. They are very stiff due to the special GATZ-lay-up and are made in beautiful shapes. Royalex is more expensive than most other materials but the weight of the canoes are compareable with lightweight composite ones.