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A special service provided by GATZ-KANUS
Canoeing is one of the best ways of spending your leisure time and also of enjoying nature. It is easy to learn and you will feel comfortable and safe in a Gatz-Canoe. Canoeing can be practiced by all ages - the children will love it and adults will find pleasure in recreational paddling. A Gatz-Canoe can take you to the most beautiful places on earth - select the canoe best suited to your needs; a place to paddle can be found close by.

How to choose the right canoe?
In our programme, you will find canoes of great variety, in almost all sizes, for all purposes, and in all important materials. Choosing the right canoe will provide you with many years of pleasure. With our CANOE-FINDER, we try to help by making your decision as simple as possible. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail our Head office or contact your GATZ-KANUS dealer.