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TUCAN – A pure canoe design. Easy to paddle, its high initial stability results from a hull shape with a lightly rockered keel and relative flat bottom. This makes the TUCAN an ideal ROYALEX Canadian for beginners. As a result of its strong materials it will give you many years of pleasure. Its varied abilities make this canoe one of the most loved all-rounder Canadians made from Royalex. You can paddle it with 2 adults, kid and gear. The Tucan is available with 2 seats in various options and carrying yoke or with 3 seats. A spraycover is available with 2 or 3 cockpit holes.


Loading capacity:

  400 kg
Length: 466 cm
Width: 90 cm
Side height: 38 cm
Bow height: 55 cm
Weight: from 27,5 kg

Unit price: from 2.269,00 €

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