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RACOON, a canoe that’s looks and performance speaks for itself. Made for small rivers and white waters. Fitted with a spray deck, you will stay dry under the most extreme circumstances. Racoon is ideal paddled solo or 2 up. A round hull and rockered keel make it a highly manoeuverable, with good secondary stability and straight running qualities. Racoon easily wins you over and gives lots of fun even in light white water. The Racoon gives experienced paddlers lots of new possibilities but is also forgiving to sporty new paddlers. The Racoon is made in extra strong Royalex. With the right options you can push your limits in white water.


Loading capacity:

  300 kg
Length: 445 cm
Width: 80 cm
Side height: 35 cm
Bow height: 50 cm
Weight: 27 kg

Unit price: 1.960,00 €

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