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The Royalex All-rounder you have been longing for! The ORCA is a boat for all circumstances, for beginners and experts alike, for long easy tours on lakes and rivers and for the white water tours when you really want to work. Many times the ORCA has come out best during comparison tests from canoe and outdoor magazines. A canoe you would choose for long tours on different waters. It is very fast and manoeuvrable. With its shallow, round bottom it has a very high secondary stability. The higher bow splits the waves and the flatter build reduces side wind attack on the hull. With spray deck fitted, the wind will even have more problems pushing it off course. You can paddle it with 2 adults and 2 kids.


Loading capacity:

  380 kg
Length: 490 cm
Width: 90 cm
Side height: 34 cm
Bow height: 53 cm
Weight: from 29 kg

Unit price: from 2.398,00 €

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