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The KOOKABURRA has been build for extended tours and as a family boat, with lots of space for 4 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids with all the gear. Of course, you can also paddle it as a tandem canoe or even solo. It gets its name from the Australian Kingfisher birds. A real “Touring-Truck”, it’s fast running and easy to manoeuvre“. (Canoe magazine Test 6/99). Due to the high freeboard it will keep you very dry in the big waves, even when well loaded. The canoe is also suitable for beginners. The Kookaburra has a shallow, round bottom and a lightly rockered keel. The robust build will guarantee that, even with a full load, you will have lots of stiffness in the hull. An ideal companion for the weekend or extended wilderness tours!


Loading capacity:

  530 kg
Length: 530 cm
Width: 93 cm
Side height: 41 cm
Bow height: 58 cm
Weight: from 33 kg

Unit price: from 2.250,00 €

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