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YOHO 1-70

A very manoeuvrable solo Canadian with lots of space to put your gear. Suitable for both small rivers and big lakes. The YOHO 1 is, due of its manoeuvrability, very suitable for white water canoeing. The hull has a shallow, round shape, on the Yoho1-80 and bit more rocker. The YOHO 1-70 is a bit less manoeuvrable than the wider Yoho 1-80 which features a flat bottom, however it runs a bit quicker and is easier to Eskimo roll the canoe. The Yoho’s are ideal for individualists, fast white-water canoeing, kids and youngsters and have been first choice in various canoe films.


Loading capacity:

  180 kg
Length: 420 cm
Width: 70 cm
Side height: 30 cm
Bow height: 45 cm
Weight: from 16 kg

Unit price: from 2.049,00 €

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