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Canoes, made by active canoeists for people who love canoeing

Gatz-Canoes stand for over 30 years of experience and continuing production of high quality canoes and kayaks. The Gatz canoe design, innovations and performance have made Gatz-Canoes famous. Our experience and enthusiasm as active paddlers always leads to new designs and guarantees that you will find a Gatz-Canoe for your purposes in our product range. Arno Gatz, owner and founder of Gatz-Canoes started paddling in the 40s in modified tiptanks of warplanes. Followed by folding kayaks the need for a larger multifunctional craft led to the building of his first canoe. In the early 60s the first serial recreation canoe in Europe made from the then new material Fibreglass was built in the Gatz workshop. Growing demand led to more models all of them produced under the goal to build the best and long-lasting canoes for our customers. Great designs stand the test of time and today our early models like the Mohawk and Cherokee are more popular than ever. Gatz continues to develop and introduce new materials and technologies as production processes. Today, we are proud of being the only company in Europe to manufacture canoes from such varying materials as fibreglas, Kevlar, carbon, polyethylene and Royalex. Your descision to buy a Gatz-Canoe is a descision for a product at the forefront of current technology. Our goal is to build canoes which will help your dreams come true. We hope that you will enjoy looking through our catalogue which shows a small part of the world of Gatz-Canoes. A canoe will give you the opportunity of finding peace and harmony in the outdoors and of finding adventure on rapid rivers. We at Gatz try our best to preserve nature by using environmentally friendly Production processes and recyclable materials. With a minimum of care our canoes can last for decades. We look forward to seeing you on a river or lake. Paddle environmental friendly - Leave only the swirls and waves of your paddle.