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Free trials in Cologne

You may take advantage of our free tests, it is so easy. Select the models you would like to compare and visit our showrooms in Cologne. Bring your car and take the canoe to a close by lake. Compare various models. After the test it is just a short ride to the city of Cologne with a lot of things to see. GATZ-CANOES and Colone are worth the trip.


Some dealers carry a selection of Gatz-canoes for on water tests. You may contact us to find out if there is someone in your region.


Rent a canoe! You may want an extended test. Go paddling in our region. Just rent one of the Gatz-Polyethylene or Royalex models. Prices are available in the Download form.


In spring throughout Germany you can have the chance to compare various GATZ-CANOES. Some of our dealers organize on water tests for the customers. You will find the date and location in the Service section - Events