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Gatz-Canoes care and maintenance

How to look after your Gatz Canoe

In the course of your Gatz Canoe’s long lifetime it might become necessary or desirable to spruce it up or in very seldom cases repair it. To polish up the every day scrapes and scratches a normal polish as used by the car industry is sufficient. For more in depth maintenance we have divided the instructions into groups depending on which material your Gatz Canoe has been made.

Gatz-Canoes fitting instructions

Fitting the spray cover on PE canoes

Fitting the spray cover on PE canoes A rail can be subsequently fitted on Gatz PE-Canoes to enable the use of a spray cover. This can be done in our factory or you can D-I-Y at home with the help of our instruction sheet which explains very clearly step by step how to go about it. All the information is available as a download on the right.